Vote for Paprika! Etsy Small Business Contest

Sevgili dostlar, büyük bir sevgiyle ürettiğim el işlerime destek olmak isterseniz, Etsy‘nin başlatmış olduğu yarışmada bana oy verebilirsiniz. Linkteki sayfa Almanca açılıyor, sayfanın altındaki kutucuğa mail adresinizi yazıp “Abstimmen”e tıklamanız yetiyor: Her oy benim için çok ama çok değerli! Teşekkürler :) #etsysmallbusiness #DifferenceMakesUs


Being an entrepreneur and having a small business are sometimes -or mostly- tough ways to see your future in this aggressive and harsh capitalist world, to find your way in this competetive society. Yes it’s really hard to survive, but if you believe in you and your works and don’t loose your point of view, success will come to you as the greatest gift, as an honor to your creativity. We all need endless patient, sustainability, love and good luck. And we should welcome our chance of course. That’s all. If you’d like to vote for me, my small shop, you can click here:
Thank you so much for your support!

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